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The Top 9 Best Plate Carriers of 2022

We’re back on the subject of plate carriers again! This time, following up the Bulletproof Zone Guide to Plate Carriers with our highlight picks of the top tactical plate carriers in 2022. In terms of ergonomics, utility and audience, plate carriers have evolved dramatically from their humble origins. When, at a top-secret government research laboratory in Natick […]

The K9 Vest Protecting Man’s Best Friend

WHAT ARE THE MAIN FEATURES OF ARMOR FOR DOGS? The harness is engineered to be lightweight with a streamlined profile so the K9’s mobility and agility aren’t restricted while on doggy detail. The exterior shell of the vest is normally made of hard-wearing Cordura and incorporates the following: On the inside of the harness, there’s a removable mesh lining with cooling and moisture-wicking properties to help […]

What Body Armor Does the Military Use?

For one reason or another, human beings have been battling each other since the Stone Age. In military warfare, just as important as tactics and weapons is the use of body armor. So here at Bulletproof Zone, we’ve got that very subject in our sights – from nutshelling modern U.S. military armor to taking a stab at […]